At Oak Grove Farm we always aim to have a small select number of high quality jumper and hunter horses and ponies available. We import horses and ponies from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe using a small number of trusted and tested agents and advisors built up over time. If we don't have the perfect horse or pony on site for you just let us know and trips to Europe can be arranged to find the horse of your dreams!

All horses or ponies selected for our sales program spend a period of time at Oak Grove receiving training and being evaluated for their strengths and weaknesses, be assured we will not sell you a horse or pony that we do not believe is suitable for you! We provide a great follow up program where you can receive training or guidance at shows on animals bought from us to make sure that the transition to a new horse goes smoothly.

If you are looking for a new horse or pony please give us a call to discuss your needs and we will do all we can to help!