Have you ever wanted to buy an OTTB but been overwhelmed by the amount of retraining required?

Oak Grove Farm is offering a comprehensive 90 day retraining program directed towards Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. Our consistent daily training will provide your horse with the tools and confidence he needs to progress smoothly in his new career.

The first month of our training will cover all the foundations required to introduce your Thoroughbred to the riding horse basics, this includes:

  • Ground Work
  • Cross tying
  • Lunging
  • Walk, trot, canter

After the initial month we can then progress with your horse in the direction you desire based on your horse's initial grounding period. This can include introduction to jumping, trail riding, dressage or some cross country as required. Included in the package we offer lessons for you and your horse together so that you feel confident with the transition from our facility to yours.

You can feel secure in leaving your OTTB with our experienced trainers and riders knowing that they have had proven success with OTTB retraining.