Oak Grove Farm and Equestrian Center and Harriet McCord are proud to announce their new sponsorship from CWD Sellier Saddles USA! ( @CWDSellier #CWDriders ) Harriet has trusted and professionally used CWD Sellier saddles throughout her career and is proud to be supported by a company that is truly at the forefront of saddle technology, design, safety, and quality.


Having experienced first hand how beneficial a well fitted 2Gs was to Simba at a recent performance at Brownland Farms AA, means that Harriet is now very excited for Simba to start her first GP in September in her very own custom CWD Sellier 2Gs custom french saddle!


Having the support of CWD Sellier is a wonderful opportunity for Oak Grove Farm and Equestrian Center and all of it's students and clients, we cannot recommend CWD Sellier highly enough!